Welcome to the Office Of Cards blog and website.

This is an addendum to the book “Office Of Cards: A practical guide to success and happiness in large organisations (and life)” available on Amazon, Apple iBooks and many more platforms.
On this website, I will post additional material, links, books, and I will share real life examples of the concepts expressed in the book. You will be able to interact with this content on Twitter (@OfficeOfCards) and Facebook (/OfficeOfCards).

Before we begin this journey, I want to clarify two things, two words to be specific: we – journey.

WE: I am no teacher, no guru, no billionaire. I have not created companies, I have not made millions with stock bets, I am a pretty regular guy you could meet at the coffee machine in your company. I have accomplished something sure, but I definitely don’t have the pretence that everything I share is the truth. I have made, and will surely make, a lot of mistakes, but over time I have developed a framework that helped me build on those mistakes, analyse them unpack them, and become wiser and better every time.
A key part of this learning and growth process are people I surrounded myself with, people that have taught me a lot, have acted as sounding board to my ideas, have criticised me, have helped me in more ways than I can count. This is why I am stressing the word WE. I expect to learn from this experience at least as much as I can teach, most likely more.
I will share my examples, books, approaches, learnings… with the hope that you will see value in them, will try a few, and will help me and the others improve anything that is shared over here. I think my ideas can take some of you to 90% of the journey, but collectively we can get to 100%.

JOURNEY: this is no quick fix. Getting better is an everyday task. Every day you can improve on some dimension, you can train, physically and/or mentally. You can learn how to run faster, longer distances, lift heavier weights, you can lose weight, get leaner. You can read a book, a blog, a newspaper, a technical paper, wikipedia, you can take a course, learn a skill… you have about 16 hours every day to add value to your life and get better, and smarter, and stronger, ready for whatever life throws at you.
In the book, I go through how you can make most of your waking hours to make time for improvement, how to actually make time go faster and grow a lot more than your peers. The beauty of this is that a by-product (for some, the main reason) of this personal growth is usually an acceleration in your professional life. You get promoted faster, get pay rises, more bonuses, more opportunities.
In my career and life I found these rules and approaches that apply to every aspect of what we do and, if we follow these rules, results will come.
Finally, you may be wondering “what’s the point?”. To some, more professional satisfaction is totally disconnected from personal happiness so there’s no point in going through the pain, and struggle, to learn these rules and change your behaviours to get better. I respect that and, if you are happy with your life as is, keep doing whatever you are doing! But remember: the life you have today may change, and the needs of people you care about may change as well… are you ready for every scenario? I know I am not, too many things may go south very quickly, so I need to be ready for as many possibilities as I can!

So, as you can see it’s something we can do together. Together we can build a ton of knowledge, we can build processes, approaches, wisdom that everyone can use and benefit from. Together we can unlock opportunities for everyone, we can help each other, we can become an army of learners who help each other out.
Isn’t this awesome?

When I started writing the book I was hoping it could have helped someone get better, similarly to when I see people I coach learn and grow into fantastic professionals. But in writing it, I got better. I learned a lot, I asked for help to friends I respected and they taught me things I did not know. Which is why I want to keep the learning going and meet more like-minded people who want to learn and improve. All. The. Time.

So, get ready, fasten your seatbelts and let’s go!

PS: THANKS, for coming with me in this amazing journey!